Spreads by Cede

Spreads by Cede started from a passion for food and nutrition built through taking a Nutritional Science Degree right here in Manitoba. This passion extended to creating and sharing healthy, nutrient dense foods and lead to the creation of homemade spreads packed with as much nutrients as possible, all while remaining healthy and tasty with no additives or preservatives.

My name is Cede and I’m the founder of Spreads by Cede. Since the beginning of 2018, I’ve spent hours on end experimenting with ways that I could turn kitchen staples into unique, nutrient dense products that I could share with my friends and family. As the ideas started flowing and I was getting eager for the upcoming farmers market season to begin, I was constantly in my mothers’ kitchen, running my food processor over and over again, mixing up different organic flavours with ground up almonds until I finally found the perfect combinations of flavours that were packed with only GOOD ingredients.

I'm thrilled to finally have the opportunity to share something healthy and delicious with such an amazing community here in Manitoba.

It’s my mission to bring healthy, homemade spreads to your kitchen without adding any unnecessary ingredients and to provide you with amazing products that show the potential of foods to be nutritious and delicious, to bring us together, fuel us, heal us, and so much more. As well as, to keep the inspiration flowing by bringing you tasty recipes using Spreads by Cede almond butters and encouraging you to share your own recipes and ideas.

I couldn't have done it without the support from the amazing people I've met in the local food industry, my colleagues, most importantly my family and friends, and of course my obsession with almond butter.

xo Cede