March is Nutrition Month!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year- it’s nutrition month. :)

As a nutrition student I’ve been volunteering with the University of Manitoba’s nutrition month activities for the past few years, and this year I’ve had the pleasure of being on the nutrition month committee. Throughout these experiences I’ve had the chance to fortify my knowledge with some of the true importance’s of food that may often be taken for granted. This month offers a unique educational experience that can remind us and teach us how to take a different approach towards what we eat in order to have a healthy relationship with food.

The idea behind Spreads by Cede aligns very closely with the nutrition month message this year, and I wanted to share a bit about it. The theme of nutrition month 2019 is Unlock the Potential of Food. Food has all sorts of potentials that quite often go unseen throughout busy schedules, mixed messages about food or nutrition from media, or the modern way of life in general.

Dietitians of Canada have focused on 5 key potentials that food can have (Dietitians of Canada 2019), and each of these key potentials are things that I strive for everyday with the promotion and sale of these products, or simply little things that I’ve noticed along my journey that Spreads by Cede has had the potential to do.

  1. The potential to discover.

    Spreads by Cede almond butter flavours are new and different to a lot of people, and not something you would typically find in a nut butter. However, by creating these new and unique flavours and sharing recipes, we’ve unlocked the potential to discover new and tasty flavours, products, and recipes as well as new ways to include more nutrients and less junk in the diet!

  2. The potential to heal.

    Spreads by Cede almonds butters are infused with all natural, nutrient dense ingredients, loaded with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, and potential therapeutic effects. They are also loaded with natural, healthy fats that, when consumed with a balanced diet, can help prevent chronic disease such as heart disease, and create a more convenient healing process for the body with the use of Omega-3 fatty acids.

  3. The potential to bring us together.

    My favourite potential of food and specifically these products is how they`ve allowed me to reconnect with old friends, make new friends, and be a part of such an amazing community. It truly warms my heart how supportive the local maker community is here in Manitoba, as well as the importance some people find in supporting local businesses.

  4. The potential to prevent.

    By swapping out jams filled with sugar and nut butters filled with palm oil, you can potentially prevent future diseases that can be derived from over consumption of added sugars and saturated fats. You can also do this by including antioxidant rich almond butters in your diet to help prevent oxidative stress and damage which can lead to all sorts of health issues and ailments. Chia seeds are also filled with fibre which help keep you full and can prevent over eating, and can help reduce high LDL cholesterol levels.

  5. The potential to fuel.

    If any of these five potentials resonates the most with Spreads by Cede, it`s the potential that food has to FUEL. I strongly believe in the importance to fuel your body with whole, natural foods. Spreads by Cede almond butters and chia seed spreads, as mentioned, offer a nutrient dense serving with quality ingredients that do not include extra oils or added sugars. These spreads and their ingredients will give your body a boost of nutrients and provide beneficial properties that will help you get through the day.

These are just a few things that our almond butters and chia seed spreads can have the potential to do, but one last potential of my own that I wanted to add, is the potential to GROW. The opportunity that this business has provided has been unreal, with a lot of learning and growing experiences that aren`t always easy to pursue. All of these potentials have been built and discovered since the beginning of Spreads by Cede, and we are excited to see what other potentials this opportunity will bring us!

Happy Nutrition Month :)